Unique, festival-linked short courses

for arts writers and photographers

 23 - 30 March 2019

09h00 - 16h00

Artscape Theatre 

Course introduction

ARTS JOURNALISM: The course assumes you already understand how a newsroom works. You'll learn how to apply key journalism skills to the specialized context of arts writing: how to review, build up specialist contacts and make an arts topic accessible and interesting your readers – plus the context of South African music.

PHOTOJOURNALISM: This eight-day jazz photography workshop offers mentorship for working professionals by giving participants access to jazz musicians both on and off stage. The workshop will provide exposure to jazz photography.

Both courses will run from Saturday, 23rd March to Saturday, 30th March 2019.

Who qualifies for the course?

ARTS JOURNALISM: This course is for journalists (including community journalists and freelancers) and journalism cadets or interns in any medium who want to upgrade their arts writing skills. We'll also consider arts bloggers, musicians, music, arts and heritage students, music organisers and music PR workers.

PHOTOJOURNALISM: The course is open to working, community and freelance photographers from Africa and abroad who already understand the basics of photography (techniques/exposure/ composition)

Photographers must have their own DSLR camera gear and laptop and must be committed to attend all the days of the course.  The week's session will combine with the Arts Journalism course which runs concurrently. The aim is to consolidate the relationship between words and images and to foster the collaboration between the photographer and journalist.

What will I learn?

ARTS JOURNALISM: We cover the curriculum of SAQA US 117541: 'Cover a Specialist Beat as a Journalist' (part of the National Certificate in Journalism Level 5) as well as the relevant knowledge and practical modules of the proposed QCTO Occupational Qualification in Journalism 264203 level5/6, so interns and cadets will have the opportunity to create stories for assessment portfolios.

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Participants will learn how to create images that tell a story and develop a signature approach to making music images. They will learn what jazz photographs say about music - and how best you can make the images.
Since the course uses the events and personalities of the festival as subject, you'll be expected to build stories around it. Your work will be critiqued to help you grow and you'll be expected to create a portfolio of images of the jazz festival and develop your own visual voice.

Who are the trainers?

ARTS JOURNALISM: The course is led by writer, broadcaster and award-winning journalist Percy Mabandu , with contributions from jazz writer Gwen Ansell and other invited guests. Mabandu is a communications and content consultant with a focus on the arts and lifestyleand the author of Yakhal'inkomo: Portrait of a Jazz Classic; a book about the iconic jazz recording by Cape born saxophonist and composer, Winston Mankunku Ngozi, which has its 50th anniversary this year.

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Caroline Mwangi, a digital social writer and photographer. She studied photography at the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin and the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg. She has exhibited at several galleries and museums including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. She is a past student of the Arts Journalism, Photojournalism and Mentoring Arts Journalism course.

How do I apply for the course?

ARTS JOURNALISM: Places are very limited – apply early!
Follow this link to apply: www.capetowtownjazzfest.com/arts-journalism and fill out the information required. If you are stuck at any point, contact the trainer, mabandujp@gmail.com for more information

PHOTOJOURNALISM: Places are very limited – apply early! Visit the festival website at www.capetowtownjazzfest.com/photo-journalism and fill out the information required. If you are stuck at any point, contact the trainer, Caroline at photog.africa@gmail.com for more information.

The deadline for both  applications is on 15 February 2019.

What will it cost me?

The courses are FREE. However, candidates from outside Cape Town are responsible for the costs of their own travel/ accommodation.

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